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Membership? Why?

Our goal for this webpage is for it to be a landing page for Local EMA Directors and Managers, and Public Safety Personnel to check in with us, find resources, learn about training and opportunities, and generally have an information hub for all things Emergency Management in Piscataquis County. We'll post notification of grant opportunities here, and eventually, we hope to have SIMPLE online forms for expressing interests in grants. Initially though, please sign up to be a 'member'. Your information is 100% private. (we probably have it already-- but this is a way to push notifications more easily. I think we're joining maybe the 21st century? ) And PLEASE! Suggest what you would like here... A calendar of events relevant to EMA and Public Safety? Resource links at a glance? I don't want to reinvent the wheel if you already have these, but am happy to put in the time to put them all here. Let us know! (PS: Also, dead links? typos? Let us know about those too. 🤓 )

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